'High Hopes' pulls back the curtain of Hollywood's budding cannabis industry

The docu-series, executive produced by Jimmy Kimmel, follows the rambunctious roster of employees at Hollywood's MMD dispensary

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Friday, April 19, 2024
'High Hopes' lifts the veil on Hollywood's budding cannabis industry
"High Hopes," executive produced by Jimmy Kimmel, pulls back the curtain of Hollywood's budding cannabis industry.

LOS ANGELES -- From executive producer Jimmy Kimmel comes Hulu's new reality series, "High Hopes."

The show documents day-to-day life in a Los Angeles-based cannabis dispensary, just off of Hollywood Blvd, as brothers Slava and Mishka manage their rambunctious roster of employees and prepare to expand their business.

On The Red Carpet had a chance to speak to the cast about living the Hollywood high life.

"At first, you're definitely thinking, 'No way are we doing a reality show. We're in the cannabis business.' And then Jimmy Kimmel says two words to us, and like 'Of course we're going to do a reality show!'" said co-owner Mishka Ashbel.

The shop, MMD, short for medical marijuana dispensary, is located near one of the most highly trafficked tourist locations in the city, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With so many customers to serve, the crew is in for a wild ride as they prepare to launch their brand nationwide.

"It's about loyalty and it's about family and just going through the ups and downs, but getting to your ultimate goal together," co-owner Slava Ashbel explained.

For those who may not smoke and are on the fence about tuning in, budtender Morgan Chanel Lee had this to say. "People might not admit it, but everyone wants to know what goes on in a dispensary. They might not want to walk through those doors. So, this is a great inside look where you can watch it from your home!"

All episodes of "High Hopes" premiere on 4/20 only on Hulu.

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