Heroin found in Pennsylvania bakery production line?

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Friday, March 27, 2015
The Aryzta factory in Hazleton, PA

HAZELTON, PA (KTRK) -- An employee at a bakery plant in Pennsylvania might have found heroin in one of the machines that makes bread dough, according to state police.

Troopers say an employee at Aryzta in Hazle Township found what they say was a heroin packet coming through a production line from a dough machine, WNEP reports.

That manufacturing plant produces dough and frozen bread products in Luzerne County that are shipped around the world.

Police say that employee told a supervisor about the suspected drug and shut down that production line on Wednesday.

When employees checked the machine where the dough was coming from, they found even more heroin packets and drug products inside the machine.

Aryzta says the company then destroyed all of the products that came out of that machine for the day.

The company says that dough machine hadn't been used in over a week and that all 143 employees at the plant have access to the machine.

Aryzta officials tell WNEP that everything at the plant has been cleaned and that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has cleared the plant of anything else.

For now, the bakery is shipping out products from the other two production lines. The machine where the suspected drugs were found is up and running and should be shipping products in the next day or so.

State police are still trying to figure out how the drugs got into the machine.