The dish on what you need to know about carbs

NEW YORK -- Are you looking to slim down for summer, but also looking for ways to eat without feeling deprived - time to get the dish on carbs!

Good carbs? Lox and avocado, a big sandwich, shrimp salad - there are options! The trick is timing, and to eat 100 percent whole grains in the morning, and not after.

"A lot of carbs are processed carbs - they are refined, and then they turn into sugar in your bloodstream, says Jackie London, the nutrition director at Good Housekeeping.

What we want to do is balance our blood sugar - the first thing to do? Don't skip breakfast.

Besides yogurt and blueberries, you can have healthy clusters from Kind Snacks - not granola, which is full of fat and calories. Another option is to have lox on a bagel with a schmear and avocado. Instead of having a bagel, have whole wheat bagel "thins".

An option for lunch is to have what London calls the "weight loss sandwich".

"Chickpeas, sriracha hummus and a quarter of an avocado," she says.

Two dinner ideas are pork tenderloin with swiss chard and sweet potatoes, or a lentil shrimp salad with mango chutney.

"Lentils are high in fiber and are filling," adds London.

The shrimp is also high protein. Overall, the goal is to fill up on lentils, beans and vegetables. The goal is to make sure fruits and vegetables are a majority of your plate.

As you size up all of the food, the goal is to remember that timing, small portions, and the whole wheat rule will add up as you size down.

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