'Super lice' found in Houston schools

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A 'super lice' is being found in schools around the country. That includes some in Houston.

Watch out, parents. There's a super villain of sorts which could be hanging out at your child's school. Experts told Eyewitness News "super lice" is being seen more and more around the country and right here in Houston.

Head lice impacts millions of children every year. The bugs live in their hair, lay eggs and bite at their scalp. Anyone who's ever dealt with the critters knows it can be a challenge.

Inside Free and Clear Lice Clinic in Pearland, Matthew Toomes said some of the bugs have proved resilient despite available treatment methods.

"What they've found in the last few months is there is a mutant, that's becoming resistant to the over-the-counter products. So treating yourself with the pesticides that come out of the bottle doesn't necessarily eradicate the lice," said Toomes. "Calm down. It's not the end of the world. It can be treated. We can kill it. It can be done."

Inside Toomes' clinic, they kill lice by using a machine which blasts hot air. Their treatment kills lice and their eggs by dehydrating and eliminating them.

For more information on lice, you can visit the CDC's website or the Toomes clinic.
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