Playful pups help veterans find relief from PTSD through training program

Monday, January 29, 2018
Playful pups help veterans find relief against PTSD
A program in Illinois is helping veterans treat mental and emotional health issues while helping puppies in need of training.

CHERRY VALLEY, Illinois -- Veterans in Illinois are overcoming symptoms of PTSD with the help of man's best friend.

Circle of Change pairs veterans with some very playful pups in need of a little training, WREX-TV reports.

"Veterans come to our classes and experience adjunct therapy through dog training classes," says Circle of Change Vice President Erin Rabon.

Not only are veterans able to experience relief from PTSD and other emotional issues, but the pups are benefiting from some one-on-one obedience training.

Rabon said in some cases, the dogs share similar symptoms as their trainers.

"We were going through some really hard times, and she's really helped out," says veteran Tom Peacock, of his dog Belle. "We are doing so much better now and she's really helped a lot with that"

The program is fully funded by the community, a fact that really warms the hearts of local vets.

"It's nice to know that people think about us and do something like this," Peacock said. "It's really heartwarming that people would do this."