Acro Yoga seeks to improve fitness, trust between couples

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's a way couples are getting fit and strengthening their bond with each other. It's called acro yoga, and many of the moves are built on trust.

Acro yoga combines acrobatics with partner yoga.

"You have to be very sensitive to weight shifts, you have to keep your bones stacked," yoga instructor Jonathan Stein said. "You can hear there's a lot of laughter going on. The classes move so fast, people don't realize they're getting a fantastic workout too."

Beyond the flips and tricks, there's a therapeutic component to this playfulness.

"I think it could be a wonderful way for couples to connect and engage with each other," licensed marriage counselor Carrie Cole said.

Cole says acro yoga can help couples build strength and flexibility in their partnership, negotiating life's conflicts with more ease.

"Trust and communication are the keys to a successful relationship, " Cole said.

Susie and her husband Nosa Edebor credit acro yoga for making their relationship stronger, and more loving.

"It was the most bonding thing we could've ever come across," Susie Edebor said. "Having that physical movement together and really putting your life into their hands."

And as they fell deeper in love with acro yoga, their own love grew. They married in May and both became certified teachers.

"I mean, this is why we're married," Susie Edebor said.

"This isn't why we're married OK, this is a part of why we're married," Nose Edebor clarified jokingly.
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