10-year-old has 2 years to live without new heart, family says

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Girl has 2 years to live without new heart, family says
While the 10-year-old's diagnosis has given her family heartache, they were able to forget about it for a moment, thanks to this surprise.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An unexpected visit turned into a big blessing for the Savala family.

They received a Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the fixings, but also Rockets tickets and a check for $400.

"I think it's awesome and people are caring for others," said patriarch Randy Savala.

The Savalas have been praying for a miracle and they got a glimmer of hope thanks to the Hernandez family.

"I don't think any 10-year-old girl should be going through this," said Franky Hernandez, whose family surprised Alexa.

The girl was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy and needs a new heart. In between all the doctor visits, her family has been fundraising through their GoFundMe, but above all, they have been praying.

"It's hard for them to tell you that your daughter just has two years with this heart, but I have other kids I have to stay strong for. I don't like for her to see me like this," said Alexa's mom Nancy Savala in tears.

However, on this day, they can forget about the pain just for a little while and celebrate the good in kind-hearted strangers. Though you might remember Alijah Hernandez when ABC13 did a story on her as the pint-sized barber. She and her family are known to pay it forward in hopes of inspiring others along the way.

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