5 million Texans found to be uninsured, but can qualify for free plans, new study finds

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Thursday, December 14, 2023
5 million Texans are uninsured but can qualify for plans. Here's how.
A new study by the non-profit Texas 2036 found that over 30% of uninsured Texans are unaware that they can qualify for free plans.

The state of Texas is trending, but not for a good reason.

A local non-profit found that nearly 5 million Texans are uninsured, but it turns out many can qualify for little to nothing a month.

Texas 2036 is the non-profit think-tank that conducted a multi-year study to determine why so many Texans remain uninsured and whether they have options.

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They found that about 16.6% of Texas's population, about 5 million people, is uninsured.

However, about 30%, a little over 1 million Texans, are eligible for a free plan on the marketplace. Also, 55% to 70% are eligible for some program, whether it is Medicaid, CHIP, or subsidized health insurance through the ACA.

"One of the things commonly cited by the uninsured said they didn't have it because their work didn't offer or too expensive to get through work," Charles Miller, the senior policy advisor, said.

"What we should say is there are insurance options out there that don't run through your employer. You don't have to have a job to get insured. You can get insured through these other options such as the Affordable Care Act marketplace."

So, the primary purpose behind Texas 2036's study is to bring awareness to this issue and highlight what the state needs to do to help these uninsured Texans realize they qualify for some plan.

One of the issues they found is that some complained that the ACA website is challenging to maneuver.

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What is next if you're one of the many people uninsured? The group suggests finding a community group that can help you compare plans.

Friday, Dec. 15, 2023, is the last day to enroll if you want coverage on Jan. 1, but you do have until Jan. 15 to find the perfect plan.

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