Harris County Toll Road Authority warns employees of bed bug infestation

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Harris County Toll Road Authority shelled out around $7,000 for pest control this past week.

Representatives with HCTRA confirmed to Eyewitness News an employee noticed a bed bug in a call center at 2702 West Sam Houston Parkway last Wednesday.

Adam Collett, media specialist for the toll road authority, said pest control crews didn't discover any larger problems.

"The day after the particular insect in question was found, we had a pest crew out there," said Collett. "They looked around and saw no evidence of any kind of live issue, active with that or any kind of insect species."

Eyewitness News spoke with EnviroCon's Steve Durham about the little insects. Durham didn't help clean up the call center. He stressed temperature is key in killing bed bugs. He also warned if the problem is let to fester, their population can spike out of control.

"You can kill the adults with rubbing alcohol," said Durham "But the eggs, no chemicals are effective at killing them."
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