Mosaic Program helps kids with disabilities transition into adulthood

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- You could say Humble ISD goes above and beyond to make sure everyone succeeds - including students Parker and Mason.

"I learned to do some chores," said Parker Scott Wagle, a student worker at the Spirit Store.

The Humble ISD Mosaic Program helps students who are living with disabilities by teaching them important life skills during and after high school.

"You wouldn't get here without hard work, and that's how you make success," explained Mason McKinnon, a student worker at the Spirit Store.

The program was developed 10 years ago, when the district noticed that students with disabilities were having a tough time after graduation.

So, the Mosaic program was designed to helps students living with disabilities seamlessly transition between high school and landing a job in the real world.

Its goal is to give students hands-on work experience.

"They work like a real store. They do our opening procedures, closing procedures," explained Tiffany Mastren, Humble ISD Spirit Store Manager.

Not only do students help run the Spirit Store, but every student helps create a piece of merchandise that is later sold in the store.

"They make jewelry, Christmas ornaments, vases, ect.," said Mastren. "They also do make wind chimes at wood work, soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs."

According to Courtney McGrew, the Mosaic Program Lead, all the profits from the Spirit Stores are put right back into the program.

"The money that we generate from our products, just go back into buying more materials," explained McGrew.

"We don't have high prices because all we're doing is regenerating that, the material costs so that the students can buy more materials and practice their skills."

Valuable experiences aside, the students really enjoy it.

"Everything in this building, in this room, is just awesome and it's crazy that we hand-made it all," said Mason.

"I like it a lot. I make new friends," said Parker.

And according to Mason, the store has taught him some very important life lessons.

"Just be yourself. Be funny if you want to, be crazy if you want to," expressed Mason. "It's alright, it's who you are. And, God made you that way."

Mosaic is located at the Humble ISD Administration Building at 10203 Birchridge Dr.

They are open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

For more on the Humble ISD Mosaic Program, visit their website.

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