Consumers seeking insurance due to growing number of cyber attacks during COVID-19

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- From hackers to online extortion, the online world can open you up to all sorts of problems.

One way to have peace of mind is seeing the growing industry of cyber liability protection.

Not long ago, it was businesses that needed to get protection from hackers. Now, a growing number of consumers are seeking out the coverage as well.

There are several issues facing the average person.

Cyber extortion is when a hacker takes control of your personal computer files and demands a ransom.

If you don't pay, they wipe the files permanently.

Identity theft is another issue that can cost consumers.

So, now there are more companies offering cyber liability to individuals to cover those kinds of losses.

Typically, they can be added as a rider to your homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance.

"You can talk to your personal lines agents on your homeowner's policy to see what coverage is available on an individual level for identity theft," said Travis Landers of The Risk Specialty Group.

Like most insurance, there's a deductible. Keep in mind federal investigators say the average loss from a personal cyber-attack is about $4,000, so that's a $500 deductible.

Some companies offer the coverage for about $25 a year.

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