12-year-old gymnast wins over social media with her incredible strength

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- A 12-year-old gymnast from Pearland became a social media superstar after her coach posted a video online of her practicing.

The video garnered millions of views over several social media platforms. When Kaylee Edwards was told how many views the video had gotten, she was shocked.

"I think it is really cool," says Kaylee.

Kaylee's coach, Beth Renoud, who posted the video online, has coached Kaylee for five years at Pearland Elite training center. Renoud said the video was posted for instructional purposes.

"I put it on my Instagram, just for fun and (for) friends in the gymnastics community," says Renoud. "It was never meant to (go viral)."

Kaylee mentioned she has big dreams, like pursuing gymnastics in college. For now, she just wants to inspire those around her.

"Just don't give up, and keep going for your goals," she said.

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