Shop makes rare instrument strings in quest to keep traditional Mexican music alive

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Keeping traditional Mexican music alive
Guadalupe Custom Strings was founded by an original member of the band Los Lobos with the mission to make hard to come by strings.

LOS ANGELES -- While Mariachi music from Mexico is recognized around the world, the country has many more styles of music from different regions. These lesser-known music genres rely on instruments using strings that are hard to come by. Guadalupe Custom Strings was founded with the purpose of meeting this need and helping to keep these traditional forms of music alive in the US.

"In strings alone, Mexico is probably one of the most diverse countries in the world," said Jacob Hernandez, owner of Guadalupe Custom Strings, who took over the shop from founder Francisco Gonzales, an original member of East Los Angeles' legendary band Los Lobos.

"Basically, our process of making a string, it's a science and it's a lot of physics, but it's also a lot of art. It's a lot of listening," said Hernandez.

"It was never a million-dollar business, but we knew that it was something that we had to keep going. The music itself depended on our product. The people who play all these regional instruments, they're the ones we're focused on because they're the ones who need us."

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