Coins for A's inspires young coin collectors

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- A penny saved is a penny earned, but if that coin is extremely rare, it could make you a pretty penny.

The program is called Coins for A's and there's an incentive for students doing well in school. If your child receives three or more A's on his or her report card, the coin club wants you to submit it to them.

Greater Houston Coin Club members have been on a mission to get kids involved in the hobby.

In turn, they'll give your child or teen collectible coins to start or add to their collection.

One of the founders of the program, Carl Schwenker, said, "They come back at our next meeting and they make a presentation to us, and this is a big step for a lot of kids that are really pretty shy."

On top of getting younger generations interested in this modern day treasure hunt, they want everyone to discover the joys of collecting.

They're inviting the public to the 62nd Houston Money Show at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe.

If you attend and participate in their Golden Ticket opportunity, you could go home with a lot more coin than what you walked in with.
There are five gold coins being raffled off, including an 1851 Liberty Head $1 gold coin.

"The little dollar coin, which I love, is $545," Schwenker said.

Also in the mix; a 1925-D two-and-a-half-dollar Indian Head gold coin valued at $550. There's a 1908 Liberty Head $5 coin, which lists for $495. Or a 1901 Liberty Head $10 gold piece valued at $825.

But the biggest gem is the 1908 Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin. Current book value for that is $1,460. While a coin valued that much seems like a lot, that's pennies on the dollar.

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Just recently, a 1943 copper penny sold for over $200,000 at auction.

Other pennies have been known to sell for a million, and when that happens, people start looking at their change a lot closer.

"It makes national news and everyone turns around and looks in their pockets and says, 'Gee, do I have a 43? That's fun I think,'" Schwenker explained.
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