Even in death, location is key: Historic Houston cemetery charges big bucks for plot

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Bayou City's most expensive piece of real estate may not be what you expect. It's no surprise to many that many of the multi-million dollar homes in Houston can be seen in the Memorial, River Oaks and West University areas, among other neighborhoods. But a property in the heart of the city is said to be the cities priciest-per square footage.

Glenwood Cemetery off Washington Avenue near Montrose is the city's oldest and most historic cemetery. Around since 1871, many of Houston's most famous residents, like business tycoon Howard Hughes, are buried there.

"It's the most spectacular view of the city of Houston skyline that you'll ever see," said Richard Ambrus, executive director of Glenwood.

Some plots here cost $8,500, which we found to be average. But the higher-end spaces with views of the skyline can cost up to $50,000 for a 30 square foot space. That $1,666 per square feet.

Compare that to a $43 million dollar chateau off Memorial Drive near The Galleria that sits on a 2.5-acre lot and that makes the cemetery plot the most expensive. That mansion, said to be the most expensive listing in the history of Houston, has a price per square foot of $395.

"It's about supply and demand, or supply here," said Ambrus, who says the price is due to location, landscaping and enhancements such a waterfall and a lake.
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