Winter skincare tips: How to battle 'Mask-Ne' and heal those chapped lips

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
How to deal with 'Mask-Ne' and chapped lips this winter
As if the cold, dry Winter months didn't already wreak havoc on our skin -- masks can make it worse! From a new product specifically made to treat 'mask-ne (mask acne),' to a lasting chapped lips remedy and the masks that help keep it that way!

NEW YORK -- As if the cold, dry Winter months didn't already wreak havoc on our skin... masks can make it worse!

As the seasons shift, many of us notice our skin gets drier. It feels like my lips are constantly chapped and dry red patches appear on my face.

It's because the cold temperatures and dry air can draw moisture away from the skin. When our skin's moisture barrier is comprised, it becomes less able to fight bacteria.

Unfortunately, 'Maskne' (mask acne) is the result of our masks creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

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So, while masks may increase the chance of a bacterial breakout, the winter weather could diminish your skin's chance of fighting it.

However, a breakout is a small price to pay for potentially saving someone's life by wearing a mask. It's also an easy fix.

In this episode I break down new products like The Aftermask which is specifically made for soothing breakouts caused by masks.

I also share some hydrating tips to help lock in that moisture our chapped lips need! Oh, and the mask itself can make a big difference.

Since discovering Evolve Together masks, they've become my everyday go-to for safety, function and even fashion!

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