Girl Scout troop back in business at Towne Lake Center after cookie conflict with Crumbl Cookies

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Sunday, February 25, 2024
Girl Scouts and Crumbl Cookies unite for a sweet cause after miscommunication sparked cookie competition
There is no war after all between a Girl Scout troop and Crumbl Cookies franchise location in Cypress.

CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- There is no war after all between a Girl Scout troop and Crumbl Cookies franchise location in Cypress.

Back on Thursday, ABC13 reported the troop was booted from their usual spot at the Towne Lake Center.

But they've since been welcomed back, according to management.

Jennifer Simmons, Chief Marketing Officer of the Boardwalk, says in past years the Girl Scout troops dealt with stores individually when setting up dates and times to sell their cookies.

She says they were unaware of those agreements and had rules that don't allow for the solicitation or sale of items that may compete with a nearby business.

They now say those rules don't apply to Girl Scout cookie sales.

"We have never viewed the Girl Scouts being here as a bad thing, they are not our competition," Roxie Walker, managing partner for the Crumbl Cookies location in Cypress, said.

Walker said it was news to her that a Girl Scout troop had been told to leave the property because they were selling cookies too close to her business.

"We think that in fact, it enhances the businesses here at the boardwalk. They really are the embodiment of community that Towne Lake Center stands for," Walker said.

When ABC13 reached out to the boardwalk on Thursday, they explained it's common for tenants to have clauses in their leases that keep others from selling products that directly compete with their business.

They also said there was a general no-solicitation rule.

The troops told ABC13 that they had been selling cookies here for a few years and never had issues.

"The process is typical, the troops reach out to various storefronts within in the community and ask if they want to be a location to sell cookies, and so we were unaware of some of the dates and times of our locations here," Simmons said.

Simmons is chalking it up to a miscommunication.

She said she has since reached out to Girl Scouts general counsel to resolve the situation.

In fact, according to Simmons, a troop was out here selling cookies this morning.

Walker tells ABC13 they want to help the troops make up for any loss sales.

"Crumble Cookies will be purchasing $2,000 worth of cookies to be donated to local police, firefighters, [and] Camp Hope, Walker said. "A box or two may end up in my kitchen."

Eyewitness News has reached out to the Girl Scouts for confirmation on the resolution, but is still waiting to hear back.

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