WATCH: Georgia teachers rap parody 'What's Poppin' by Jack Harlow to bring smiles to community as schools return

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Thursday, August 20, 2020
Georgia teachers rap: Parody back to school video of 'What's Poppin' by Jack Harlow made by high school instructors go viral
A pair of teachers in Georgia have gone viral for "poppin off" in hopes of making things less tense in school.

ALBANY, GA. -- As students return to school in Georgia amid circumstances they've never seen, a pair of teachers have gone viral for "poppin off" in hopes of making things less tense.

Callie Evans and Audri Williams are teachers and cheerleading coaches at Monroe Comprehensive High School in Albany, Ga. Their video mimicking Jack Harlow's hit "What's Poppin" was posted to Instagram earlier this week and has more than 215,000 views as of Thursday morning.

Williams starts out as the center of the video with the masked cheerleading team behind her dancing.

"Brand new year and I'm locked in/Far as this teaching go, I am unreachable/I'm number one in your top ten/Miss Williams, big poppin," the song starts out.

Thursday, they were surprised on Good Morning America with a virtual greeting from Harlow. Harlow gifted both the teachers a $1,000 gift card.

"I wanted to keep the raps going to keep the morale of the school up," said Williams, who added the response was "mind-blowing."

"Because Albany was impacted dramatically by COVID-19, we wanted to basically just motivate not just our students, our teachers, but our community," Evans said. "We wanted to show them how important it is to overcome adversity, to push through no matter what."

"I can't even tell y'all how amazing y'all are," Harlow said.

Even rapper Missy Elliott has taken notice of the teachers, saying she hopes they know she saw their video. On Twitter, she also shared her own experiences in school.

"A fun fact in school I used to memorize my homework by making it into rap songs," Elliott wrote.

The Instagram post promised a fun school year for students.

"We are in for a wild ride this school year, but let's make the best of it! What better way to release all of the anxiety, doubts & fears of the school year than to dance & turn up What's poppin'?! 20-21 School Year, Let's get it!"