George Floyd pardon resolution clears Harris Co. commissioners court

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
George Floyd pardon resolution clears Harris Co. commissioners court
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With no objection, commissioners passed the resolution that will lobby leaders to pardon the Houston native's past drug conviction posthumously.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A movement to pardon George Floyd's past drug conviction took a step forward on Tuesday with the Harris County Commissioners' Court adopting a resolution.

Commissioner Rodney Ellis, whose Precinct 1 includes the Third Ward neighborhood where Floyd once resided, introduced the resolution requesting the posthumous pardon.

The resolution passed without objection.

The case in question was in 2004, and it was one that was based on testimony by former Houston police officer Gerald Goines, whose numerous arrests have been under review following the botched Harding Street raid in 2019.

"Mr. Floyd and his family deserve vindication, which is possible through a full pardon in this case," Ellis said.

The commissioner also hoped the resolution will lead to real change in the justice system.

"We must continue working to find alternatives to mass incarceration and provide legal defense for all residents. With the adoption of this resolution, justice rings," he concluded.

Last month, reports surfaced of the Harris County Public Defender's Office applying for a posthumous pardon for Floyd.

Though the resolution puts the possibility of a posthumous pardon in motion, it's still subject to a state parole board recommendation, and ultimately, the governor will decide on it.

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