Houston pastors press for George Floyd investigation without bias

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A day after 60,000 Houstonians unified behind George Floyd's family, the city's Christian leaders are using their positions to call for a fair investigation of his death.

Pastors across multiple denominations delivered a message Wednesday to federal entities, calling for investigators who hold no racial bias to take control of the Floyd death investigation.

Ahead of the message, Dr. Max A. Miller Jr., who is president of the Baptist Ministers' Association of Houston & Vicinity, gave this statement on behalf of the 13 spiritual leaders calling for the fair investigation.

We, Pastors and Presidents, are wounded, saddened, hurt, perplexed, disturbed, and outraged at the murder and treatment of Mr. George Floyd by the Minneapolis police officers.

And since we know that the cause of death was mechanical traumatic asphyxia, there is no doubt that a crime was committed.

This crime warrants a full investigation by those who are not partial or those who support racism. We are pleading and asking that the U.S. District Attorney, FBI, and Minnesota state law enforcement, will take control of this investigation and do what is right.

We are speaking out against this injustice that just keeps on happening.

All we are asking for is Equal Justice, Equal Rights, & Equal Punishment.
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