George Floyd's brothers say Joe Biden will win despite uncertainty

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Thursday, November 5, 2020
George Floyd's brothers say Biden will win despite uncertainty
George Floyd's brothers have been instrumental in voting drives. Now, with Election Day behind them, they offered their thoughts about true change, that it doesn't stop with the race for president.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The brothers of George Floyd, who died at the hands of Minneapolis police earlier this year, carried on his memory this election season by making a number of stops across the country to urge people to vote.

They delivered drinks to voters in line in Houston and participated in rallies in cities like Chicago. The day after the election, they reflected on their efforts and the presidency that hangs in the balance.

"Justice is on the ballot, equality is on the ballot, so the [George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020] needs to be passed," said Philonise Floyd. "I don't want to see anybody else choked to death."

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The family of George Floyd, the Houston native who was killed at the hands of Minneapolis police, held a voter rally in northeast Houston for a final push to get out the vote on Election Day. "George Floyd's life is on this ballot," said his brother. Watch his full message in the video above.

Brothers Philonise and Rodney Floyd, who support former Vice President Joe Biden, said they believe their preferred candidate will eventually win.

"To me, I think [Biden] actually deserves a chance to prove himself worthy, everybody has an opportunity, but he deserves it this time."

They worry, though, that their goal of passing the George Floyd Act at the federal level will once again fail given that the Senate is expected to remain in Republican control. The initial version of the police reform bill passed the House months ago, but has not moved in the Senate.

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"It's not going to happen, it's not going to happen," said an otherwise upbeat Rodney. "That bill's been sitting on their desk, collecting dust."

Even though election numbers are uncertain as of Wednesday evening, the Floyd family is already looking to the future. Philonise said the biggest work lies in educating more people to get involved in elections beyond just the presidential years.

"I want people to know you have a voice," he said. "You have to get out every year, not just president, but councilmen, district attorneys ... you have to put the right people in at all times."

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