Fort Bend ISD's return to class could mean changing teachers

Friday, September 25, 2020
Fort Bend ISD's return to class could mean changing teachers
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For more than a month, Fort Bend ISD dad Michael Schnieders has been hard at work as a virtual school enforcer.

"There are times that I have to remind them that their teachers can see them on the screen," said Schnieders.

After losing his job in sports and event marketing, he decided to open his home to two other students, creating a small learning pod.

"Their oldest son was in my son's class, so I said 'Why don't you come to our house and I'll host it here," he said.

But, applying for new jobs while watching a first grader, two third graders and a fifth grader isn't without challenges.

"Once they open the doors, we're going to send our kids," he said.

Schnieders' kids will return to Scanlan Oaks elementary, part of only 40% of students who've chosen to go back in Fort Bend ISD.

"We're all doing things we would never normally do in a way we would never normally do it," said Superintendent Dr. Charles Dupre.

When the transition between in-person and online learning begins, Dr. Dupre says all students should expect some changes.

"We are not asking teachers to teach face-to-face and online at the same time."

That means all Fort Bend ISD students, regardless of where they are learning, could face a change of teacher or class schedule.

"Since we can't necessarily match the teachers who are leaving the online environment with the students who are leaving the online environment, there's going to be some change there," said Dr. Dupre.

Schnieders' 5th grader recently found out she will be returning to school soon, but with a different teacher.

"Do we think it's the right decision for us? Yes. Could we be wrong? Yes."

Fort Bend ISD is transitioning students by grade level who choose in-person learning over the course of several weeks.

The district is one of many in the Houston area faced with schedule changes with the in-person transition.

If you plan to move your kids back to a classroom soon, you'll want to check with their school about possible schedule changes ahead of time.

For more information on their plan click here.

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