Top 5 most addictive foods and how to stop eating them

Everyone has certain foods that make it hard to put the fork down.

A list of the most "addictive" foods is out and has some healthy alternatives without skimping on taste.

  1. Pizza
  2. It's hard not to go for another slice, but if you're going to indulge, try to eat a pizza with whole, fresh ingredients. Also, pass on the extra cheese since it's so highly processed.

  3. French fries
  4. Fast food fries will always be addicting, but try making your own at home and bake instead of frying them.

    You can also try sweet potato fries as a replacement.

  5. Ice cream
  6. The key here is small portions.

    Try buying single servings or don't buy it at all.

  7. Fried chicken
  8. It's not the chicken you can't stop eating, it's the crispy, fatty, deep fried breading.

    The healthy alternative is to try to get it baked or at least pick off the fried part.

  9. Potato chips
  10. Chips, along with other crispy snack foods like Goldfish crackers, are highly processed.

    They're also salty and airy, so they not only give you that pleasant rush, but also don't really fill you up, so you just keep eating them.

    Looking for a lower-salt variety can help curtail your consumption.
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