336 cans of Campbell's Cream of Celery Soup delivered to home

NASHVILLE, TN (KTRK) -- There's a souper mystery at a home in Nashville, Tennessee.

"There's 336 cans, 14 cases of 24 cans and it's Campbell's Cream of Celery Soup," Jessi Braswell told WTVF-TV after someone delivered all those cans of soup to her front porch.

Braswell made the discovery Monday afternoon. There were no notes with the soup and no explanation as to where they came from.

What's more, no grocery store or charity is missing any expected soup shipments.

As for now, Braswell is storing all 336 cans of soup inside her home out of fears the cans would explode in freezing cold temperatures if left outside for much longer.

"The only thing more annoying than 336 mysterious cans of soup would be frozen, exploded Cream of Celery soup on my porch. Somebody did the math and this is enough to fill a bathtub," Jessi said. "Nobody eats cream of celery soup by itself. I'm just very confused."

Braswell says if no one claims the soup in the next couple of weeks, she's donate them all to charity. null
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