'Made with hate'? Local bakery makes light of odd Yelp reviews

Sunday, March 19, 2017
Bakery holds 'Yelp-review' inspired sale
Rebecca Masson works behind the counter of the Fluff Bake Bar in midtown Houston.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A local bakery is making light of negative Yelp reviews, some complaining about products they've never even served.

Fluff Bake Bar in midtown Houston holds a special bake sale every Saturday. This Saturday's menu was extra special. It was inspired by those Yelp reviews.

One complaint was about the amount of butter they use.

Of course they use butter.

"We're a bakery," explained Rebecca Masson, owner of the Fluff Bake Bar.

Another review said the customer was disappointed after he drove 25 miles to get a cannoli.

The problem? Fluff doesn't serve cannolis.

Never has. Until today.

The bakery is taking it all in stride and using the reviews as an inspiration.

"We got a review that said that everything was really great and delicious, by all means, you should come in and try it but you should know, 'it's being baked with hate'," Masson said.

That comment became their motto for the special bake sale. The bakery made "Baked with Hate" shirts and even had "Baked with Hate" sprinkles for sale.

They sold half their shirts before they even opened.

"We took all these reviews, the negative, and turned it into something delicious," said Masson.