Here's the food you'll be able to nom down on at Rodeo

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Diners, grab your forks!

RodeoHouston has released the full list of vendors and resaturanters who will be setting up shop in one of the Bayou City's biggest events next month, and our mouths are already watering.

Several of the returning vendors will also feature new items -- think deep-fried, chocolate-covered marshmallows, Flaming Hot Cheetos pizza and Nutella funnel cake -- that are also noted below:

  1. Big Bubba's Bad BBQ
  2. Big Dogs
  3. Big Dogs II
  4. Biggy's II
  5. Big Tex's BBQ
  6. Bishop Conc. Chicken Stand
  7. Candy Factory, featuring Selfie Sno Cone
  8. Carmelot
  9. Corn Junction
  10. Corn Shack, featuring Flaming Hot Cheetos Roaster Corn & Flaming Hot Cheetos Corn in Cup
  11. Cowboy Kettle Corn, featuring Nitro Pop Kettle Corn
  12. Dutchemen's Funnel Cake, featuring Nutella Funnel Cake & Oreo Churros w/ filling
  13. Enzo's Pizzeria, featuring Flaming Hot Cheetos Pizza
  14. Fair Fix, featuring Deep Fried Tim Tams, Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
  15. Fried A Fair
  16. Fried A Fair II
  17. Funnel Cake I, featuring Chocolate Dipped mini Pecan Pie
  18. Funnel Cake II, featuring Chocolate Dipped mini Pecan Pie
  19. Get Pickled, featuring Bacon Nutella Pickle, Pickle cheese on a stick
  20. Going Nuts
  21. Kid Shack
  22. Luehr's Ice Cream
  23. Marcus Hot Dog
  24. McKinney Corn Dog I
  25. McKinney Corn Dog II
  26. McKinney Corn Dog III
  27. Mustard's Café
  28. Spud Ranch, featuring Deep Fried Baked Potato Bites
  29. Squeezers 1
  30. Squeezers 2

  31. Squeezers 3
  32. Squeezers 4
  33. Sweet Cheeks, featuring Deep Fried Tim Tams, Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

  34. Sweet Dreams
  35. Sweeties
  36. Tater Twister, featuring Deep Fried Nachos,Spiral Fry Dog on a Stick
  37. Texas Steak Out Grill
  38. Texas Steak Out Grill 2
  39. Viv's Café

Take a journey back in time and peek at some dishes from last year, as judged by our resident foodie Katherine Whaley:

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