Do marshmallow Peeps belong on your pizza?

PHILADELPHIA -- With Easter on the horizon, Peeps, the soft, gooey, sugary pride of Bethlehem are hitting their peak.

Peeps have a very solid, coveted spot in Easter baskets everywhere, but do the melty, marshmallowy treats belong on pizza?

Can Peeps rival pepperoni?

Pizza purists are enraged and it all started with a picture posted to Twitter Sunday by Austin Braun who declares that melted Peeps are better than pineapple pizza and coins the creation, Peepza.

While one Twitter user gave it a go and said she's into it, pretty much everyone else has been chiming in saying this disrespects both pizza and Peeps.
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Many have also asked Austin: What did pizza ever to do you?

Austin says he's even gotten death threats.

Would you eat Peepza?
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