Kids' Meals ask for volunteers due to increased demand

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Kids' Meals has been delivering food to underprivileged preschoolers in Houston for over a decade.

The meals, which are delivered door-to-door, consist of a protein, a healthy snack and a juice. They deliver 3,000 meals across the Houston-area on an average day.

However, with schools closed, Kids' Meals is now providing meals to older siblings, in addition to preschoolers. That means they are now dropping off 6,000 meals each day.

"We did not expect this," said executive director Beth Harp. "So we really need the support of the Houston community."

Kids' Meals is looking for volunteers to come to their headquarters located at 330 Garden Oaks in northwest Houston.

They are limiting the number of volunteers they're taking in and making sure there is plenty of space between each person.

"Volunteers are six-feet apart," said Harp. "And no more than ten people per room."

If you aren't comfortable coming into their offices, there are other ways to help. For example, they're encouraging kids and adults to decorate lunch bags and drop them off or mail them in. Each bag sits in a quarantine before being used for a child's lunch.

You can also visit the Kids' Meals website to learn how you can put together lunch packs for them to deliver. Like the bags, these also sit in quarantine.
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