Families stranded as flood waters rise near Southwest Freeway

Mayra Moreno Image
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Family stuck in SW Houston flooding during dinner
A family was seen wading through high water with their baby strapped closely to them. Watch as drivers also abandoned their cars, plunging into the water.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some areas in southwest Houston flood quickly, which was the case on Monday evening as rain bands from Tropical Storm Beta made their way through the city.

ABC13 reporter Mayra Moreno was near West Bellfort and Southwest Freeway near Keegans Bayou, where flood waters were rising and several cars parked were already underwater.

A man who was trying to walk across the street plunged right into the water, not knowing how deep it had become.

Watch briefing by Jeff Lindner on Houston area bayous.

A family having dinner at a restaurant nearby started wading through the water to higher ground after their waiter warned them of the impending floods, their baby wrapped tightly and held close to her father's chest.

With employees leaving businesses in the area that closed late unable to get to their cars, they were calling loved ones to meet them by the Southwest Freeway so they could get home safely.

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