Last week's flooding did a number on Houston-area roads

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The historic flooding from last week topped by the heavy rain we saw overnight is creating more problems on the road.

We're not just talking about streets that are still under water, but how the floods are effecting the road's integrity.

Some of the roads cleared just fine, but there are some trouble spots Some of them are serious.

One location with repairs underway this week is at Clay Road near South Mayde Creek, where flood waters from last week caused erosion and damage. Precinct 3 says repairs should be complete this week, but other highly-traveled roads are still under water and at-risk for water damage which simply won't be revealed until the water recedes.

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"Definitely, there will be damage assessments done as soon as the water has receded," said Demetra Hamilton with the Harris County Engineering Department.

Hamilton says it'll happen before anyone can drive on it.

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Some of those roads are underwater in the Addicks and Barker reservoir and could remain that way for weeks.
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