Flood crews find submerged cars stranded in water overnight

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Saturday, December 8, 2018
Cars in flood stall out, now submerged underwater
Cars submerged in floodwaters from heavy rain.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Harris County Flood Control District is still monitoring high water levels across the city after strong floods caused major street flooding in some areas.

Many cars have been found, stranded and submerged underwater. The High Water Rescue team has made several rescue throughout the night.

Water is above the top of the banks on Little Cypress Creek at Becker Road and South Mayde Creek, at both Greenhouse and Saums roads. Officials said the floods are minor.

The underpass at Jensen at Bennington had over six feet of water just before 12:30 am.

A young man was stranded in his car. He said he wasn't aware that the water was deep enough to affect his car.

HFCD helps young man stranded in his car

ABC13 crews had an exclusive interview with a homeless man who was stuck clinging onto a bridge and had to be rescued by HFCD this morning.

Crews were responding to a submerged vehicle when they found a homeless man who was trapped for about an hour.

Strangers are also coming to the aid and rescue of other strangers by helping pull submerged cars out of the water.

Friendly strangers help others pull their car out of water