Fish kill at Quintana Beach appears to be almost over, officials say

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials believe the fish died due to low oxygen levels in the water.

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Monday, June 12, 2023
Quintana Beach fish kill appears to be almost over, officials say
If you're thinking of going to the beach, the fish kill at Quintana Beach near Freeport should be over soon.

FREEPORT, Texas (KTRK) -- Thousands of dead fish have been washing ashore near Quintana Beach County Park for the last few days, but park officials say they believe the last of the fish have washed in.

This happened on Bryan Beach, near the mouth of the Brazos River.

The pedestrian beach is mostly cleaned up, but officials recommend waiting a few days to make sure conditions are good.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Kills and Spills Team investigated the fish kills and determined it was caused by a low dissolved oxygen event.

"Fish kills like this are common in the summer when temperatures increase. If there isn't enough oxygen in the water, fish can't 'breathe.' Low dissolved oxygen in many cases is a natural occurrence," the department said in a statement.

There was no evidence of a chemical release of any kind in the water, officials said.

Tens of thousands of dead fish could be seen washing ashore in Freeport in a video sent to ABC13 on Friday. On Saturday, fish were seen washing up, causing officials to recommend to beachgoers to avoid the area and to not enter the water until the area is cleared.

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Officials said the species most impacted was Gulf menhaden.

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Neighbors say they've been dealing with quite the stench from thousands of dead fish.

According to experts, some fish may also lie at the bottom or the edge of the water.

If you see a fish or wildlife kill or suspect a pollution event, you are asked to call (512) 389-4848 or contact your regional Kills and Spills Team biologist.