Fiery head-on car crash kills man and woman in Montgomery County

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) -- Authorities continue investigating the cause behind a deadly head-on collision on FM-1485 by Lake Houston Wilderness Park.

DPS Troopers say two vehicles crashed just after 3 a.m. on Sunday. Police say a white pick-up truck veered into the lane of a Camaro, hitting the car head-on.

The Camaro burst into flames and landed in a nearby ditch, killing a woman. The driver of the truck, 22-year-old Collen Skelly, also died.

Bystanders rushed to get the woman out of the burning car, but couldn't reach her through the flames and crushed vehicle.

Kerisha Tilton, who works at a store nearby, heard the crash. She said she thought it was a gunshot at first.

"It was awful. It was like a kaboom, she said. "Kind of like a gunshot. At first, I thought it might have been a gunshot."

But it wasn't until she ran outside and saw the truck upside down that it was more than just a gunshot.

"Everybody rushed over," Tilton said. "There was a car in the ditch and a truck in the middle of the street. The car burst into flames. I could hear people yelling there was somebody trapped in the car."

Tilton said she called 911 while others were working to get the victim out of the fiery vehicle.

"Everybody was frantic trying to get that girl out," said Tilton.

They were able to remove a passenger, 22-year-old Michael Longoria, from the truck and wait with him until authorities arrived. Longoria was taken to the hospital.

Authorities found alcohol in the overturned pick-up truck, but can't confirm if the driver was impaired.

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