Residents in Sugar Land neighborhood fed up with feral hogs invading area

Thursday, July 21, 2022
Residents in Sugar Land neighborhood fed up with feral hogs
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Neighbors in a Sugar Land neighborhood are fed up with the invasion of feral hogs. They wanted to trap them but the HOA stopped the operation.

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Neighbors in the Waterside subdivision of Riverstone in Sugar Land said they are fed up with the new nocturnal invaders.

"I've heard about the hog issue. But, as of lately, it has literally inundated our little subdivision, our community," Bianca Calderon de Lachica said.

De Lachica lived in Waterside for four years. She said the feral hog issue had come to her front door in the last two months.

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"It's haunting," she said of the ring doorbell video capturing the wild animals on her front porch. "Just my house alone has caused at least $3,000 worth of damage to our landscaping."

That beautiful and seasonal landscaping she says is required maintenance per their Riverstone homeowner's association. So the neighbors pooled their money, they hired a trapper and he set up a night vision camera that caught more than two dozen animals.

"Twenty-five hogs, including one who was pregnant," De Lachica said.

On the day on which the trapper was ready to legally catch the animals for relocation, he was stopped.

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"He said, 'I'll have them by literally tonight.' That was his goal, and all of that had to stop," De Lachica said.

De Lachica said the HOA stepped in claiming the trapper was trespassing. Instead, their solution was for neighbors to install motion-detecting sprinklers to ward off the nocturnal animals, she said.

"That is not a viable solution. It is only a temporary fix," she said. "We want more answers, we just want a solution."

These neighbors are out that money for the trapper and have more landscaping needs on the line as their HOA, she says, does nothing.

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