New denim jeans could make you look 11 pounds lighter

There's a new brand of denim jeans for women that claim to be the perfect fit.

The jeans are already popular in Asia and are making their way to the U.S.

The Chuu - 5kg jeans are reportedly supposed to make you look 11 pounds (about 5 kg) lighter, without breaking the bank. The jeans will run you about $25 to $50.

"I don't necessarily think that you look 11 pounds lighter. I hate to burst everybody's bubble, but they definitely have a slenderizing effect," said Lori B.

Here's how they work their magic. The Chuu denims have undergone multiple style modifications before finalizing the perfect denims.

The team behind the jeans aimed to create silhouettes that will fit the body shape of their customers perfectly.

So no matter your size - the moment you zip up the jeans, they are supposed to hug to the natural curves of your body, while emphasizing the parts that should be given slightly more attention.

It's natural if you realize that your butt starts looking perkier, and your thighs a little slimmer. That means the jeans are working.
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