How to DIY your denim to get this season's looks for less

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's one of the most worn items in our closets - denim.

With new trends coming in every season don't waste your money on brand new jeans when you can customize them yourself. ABC13's Chelsey Hernandez went to the pros at the Art Institute of Houston to find out how to DIY your denim.

Stacy Williams - Guerra, a professor at the Art Institute of Houston, shared her secrets to getting the perfect fall look this season.

"First thing, start with what you're going to use to attach to your jeans. My favorite E-6000 glue, the bomb glue in clear and you can even hem your pants with this," Stacy said.

You can find both of these at Michael's for $3.99 each.

First, you can add a tuxedo strip to the side of your jeans!

"(You) don't need a measuring tape or anything like that. Start from either right here or at the waistband," Stacy said.

Match the heat and bond to your fabric, then iron on for about 30 seconds on high and you're done.

Second, add lace to the top of your pockets using your E-6000 glue.

"I'm just going to fold under a little bit here, flip this back and get it on the edge of the lace here," Stacy said.

Finally, create over-sized pockets with the fabric of your choice.

For someone who's not used to doing this, Stacy suggests eyeballing it by putting a piece of paper on top and tracing it.

Glue down the edges leaving a quarter-inch of shag so that your fabric will fringe after the first wash.

We tested out the jeans by putting them in the wash to see how well the heat and bond and E-6000 glue would hold up, and it's great.

Stacy also recommends using the heat and bond or stitch witchery to hem your jeans as well!

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