Fans return from Astros victory parade to find cars damaged by other fans

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- While as many as a million people lined the streets for the Astros World Series victory parade, not all of them left happy.

"Glass shattered. Roof caved-in. Footprints all over my hood," said Amos Jaramillo.

Jaramillo and his family arrived in downtown Houston from Texas City at 7:30 Friday morning so they would have a good spot to watch the parade.

"It was a blast."

When it was over, he and others who were parked in a lot on Polk and Milam returned to their vehicles to find them damaged from people climbing on top of them to get a better view of the Astros players. Cell phone video captured the wild scene. The owners were angry.

"You see yourself on television jumping on my vehicle. I hope you realize the damage you caused to me, my family and the vehicle itself," Jesse Martinez told Eyewitness News. "That's money I don't have. I've got to pay for your stupidity."

Martinez and Jaramillo filed reports with Houston police. They didn't have to go far. Their cars were parked right across the street from HPD headquarters. They believe the damage will cost them big. All they wanted was to celebrate the Astros' victory.

"I was happy. I was happy the Astros won and they did a good deed for the City of Houston. Celebrating. I understand that, but damaging people's property, that's uncalled for," said Martinez.

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