Mom pays someone to sleep-train her baby

LOS ANGELES (KTRK) -- There's a debate among parents after a Los Angeles mother paid someone to sleep-train her baby while she took a vacation.

In an online article for Redbook magazine, 34-year old Katy Landrum said she paid a professional sleep trainer $30 an hour to teach her 3-month-old baby how to cry it out.

So to save the "heartache" from hearing her son crying, Landrum said she booked a luxury getaway to a spa and resort.

"I know that it's controversial for people to sleep train but for me being a working mom of two it was just something that I felt strongly about," said Landrum.

Landrum's article has been shared thousands of times, with many commenting.

One writing "this is so selfish", but many came to Landrum's defense, writing "it helped put him the baby on a schedule."
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