How to avoid "Summer Brain Drain"

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- School is almost out for summer break across southeast Texas. For students, it's the perfect chance to relax and enjoy what they love the most. Experts also warn the summer break could led to the dreaded "brain drain."

Eyewitness News reached out to experts about what to do to keep your child engaged this summer and on the ball. They suggest 3 things.

First, use some of the time for tutoring or focused studying. Hone in on any subjects your child may be struggling with like reading or math.

Secondly, take the opportunity for fun learning. Whether you're on family vacation or visiting a museum, kids crave the chance to learn in a hands on way. Summer camps can be a great resource. Mark Wright with "The Tutoring Center" in Houston said brain drain isn't a fantasy.

"It's a studied thing. People know it's there," said Wright. "If you talk to teachers and I was a teacher for years, one of their biggest complaints starting the new year is they have to spend a week or two just getting students turned on again, getting them back into work."

Lastly, Wright suggested make sure there's "unstructured time" also known as letting kids be kids. Wright stressed giving children the chance to do their own thing, play outside, and interact with others allows them to grow in ways not possible behind the desk.
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