Busy schedule? Here are time-saving tips for parents

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Stretch Your Dollar reporter Chelsey Hernandez shares tips for parents on how to save time. (KTRK)

When it comes to parenting, money isn't the only thing families need to save.

Parents often need to find more time in their day.

I went to Bellaire to talk to "Hot Mess to Mindful" author Ali Katz who wrote the book on extending your day.

Through experience and practice with her two young children, she's mastered making your kiddos listen the very first time you ask them to do something. She calls this her Ninja Mom Trick. It's as simple as eye contact.

"Me taking the two seconds to leave the kitchen and walk to where they are and probably turn off the TV and look at them in the eye. I need you to get your shoes on and grab your backpack and meet me at the door," Katz said.

Ali says she even takes it one step farther by having them repeat back what she needs them to do. This eliminates any miscommunication and the excuse "I didn't hear you."
Take some of the stress off your shoulders by giving your child the tools to do it for themselves.

"Let the kids help make breakfast. Have what they need. Bowls, spoons, cups in low drawers and low cabinets so that they can take some ownership of getting breakfast together," Katz explained.

Finally, always give yourself more time than what you think you need in the mornings to ensure a smooth routine.

A mom I work with here at ABC13 was skeptical, but she tried the eye contact trick this weekend and she says her daughter did what she asked the very first time.

I want to hear from you! Try this trick and let me know if it works for you!

You can also use apps to track how much time you're spending on social media.
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Here are some time saving tips for moms.

Try a tracking app called Moment. It tracks how long you use apps each day like Instagram and Facebook, as well as emails. It doesn't track phone calls.

You can even set time limits. Set an alarm on your phone and after you've spent 30 minutes or an hour on social media, you can't spend anymore.

Katz also suggests laying your clothes out in the mornings for both yourself and your youngsters.
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