Jersey Village man's fake police selfie stirs uproar on social media

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Davyan Martinez says he never imagined a Facebook post of his would get more than 10,000 shares. He said, "It just blew up."

Earlier this week, he Googled a random selfie picture of Houston Police officers to add to this text: "Hey Davyan you dropped you phone running from us, come pick it up at 701 North San Jacinto Street."

"I guess a bunch of people took it really seriously to have 10,000 shares and all these comments," Martinez said.

The address listed is that of the Harris County Jail.

Martinez says he never imagined so many people would believe his meme was real.

The responses ranged from laughter to anger that HPD had his phone.

"Some people take social media really seriously and it can spiral out of control out of nowhere," Martinez said. "It started, I was bored and made a post, and now I have all this going on."

He says anyone who knows him well knows he is a jokester.

"I'm pretty sure they would have caught me, there were some pretty big dudes in that picture," Martinez said, with a laugh.
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