Mask mums may be new high school homecoming trend

RUSK, Texas (KTRK) -- Have you ever heard of a mask mum? Yeah, we've never heard of it either.

But, thanks to an East Texas woman, it now exists because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shay Mueller of Rusk says she has been making homecoming mums for years and was recently laying in bed when it dawned on her to make mini-versions of the beloved Texas tradition that could be attached to face masks.

"I immediately jumped out of bed when I thought of it and went into my craft room and got what I needed to start doing them," Mueller said.

The surgical masks are covered in glitter and feature ribbons, school colors and other items selected by the customer.

It's a three-day process to get the masks created. Mueller took to Facebook to see if there was any interest and the response was huge.

"I use non-toxic stuff to make sure it's safe," Mueller said. "I've had people on my post asking, 'How do you breathe?' and the (masks) are very light. They are breathable, but it's more for a novelty thing."

Mueller recommends wearing the masks for pictures and then saving it as a keepsake.

The cost for the masks can range anywhere between $13 to $20 or more, depending on what's on the mask.

Orders are currently pouring in for homecoming events happening in October. Mueller says to reach out to her via Facebook to inquire about an order.
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