Only On 13: Mom says Facebook Marketplace sellers shot at her daughter after meetup to drop off car

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Sellers drop off car at woman's home only to come back and open fire
A woman is issuing a warning to anyone who uses Facebook Marketplace after she and her family experienced the trauma of a recent used-car buy.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A mother says she and her daughter were nearly killed when she bought a car on Facebook Marketplace and the sellers returned hours later and started shooting.

Aisha Alicea is a single mother of four. She said she had been having car troubles, and her 17-year-old daughter, Melannii Alicea, spotted an online listing for a 2011 Buick priced at $2,000.

She said she never imagined buying that car could put her daughter's life in danger, and is warning people who make online exchanges to meet outside of a police station rather than sharing their own address.

After making the purchase, Alicia said the seller, along with two others, dropped the car off in front of her South Acres home. She says she found it odd when they only arrived in one car and then asked if she would drive them home.

"I told them I could not, that I was going to call them a Lyft or an Uber back home," Alicea said. "They looked so disappointed, trying to persuade me, "Can I please drive them?"

Alicea said she didn't feel safe doing that and called the Lyft for them. She says they told her they forgot the car title and would need to find it and drop it off.

A few hours later, Alicea and her daughter said they noticed a black truck pull up next to the new Buick outside their home.

Her daughter says she saw a woman get out of the passenger's side, so she went to check on the car, and that's when someone started shooting from the truck.

"Fired off about 12 rounds," Alicea said. "I am screaming Melannii's name. I haven't slept a wink yet. Just watching her, knowing that she's still here. I almost lost her last night."

They drove off with the car and miraculously, Melannii managed to escape being hit by the barrage of bullets.

"When I finally came in the house, I kept on feeling my head to make sure I wasn't bleeding anywhere," Melannii said. "All the rounds that they fired, how did one miss me?"

Alicea handed the surveillance footage over to police, along with the details about the car. She's determined to get the suspects off the streets to prevent others from being targeted or getting killed.

"They are out here scamming people and literally shooting at a 17-year-old child. What else would you do out there in the world?" Alicea said.

ABC13 reached out to the Houston Police Department and according to a spokesperson, detectives have not identified the suspects yet, so ABC13 is not naming the seller and blurred his face in the surveillance photos.

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