Sheriff: Drunk driver in Ohio posts Facebook video of himself behind the wheel

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015
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Dustin Rittgers is accused of drunk driving after he posted a video of himself behind the wheel on Facebook.

FRANKLIN COUNTY, OH (KTRK) -- Many of us have posted things on social media that we lived to regret.

For some, it resulted in a spat with relatives or friends with hurt feelings. But an Ohio man is facing serious consequences after a Facebook posting that landed him in handcuffs.

Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott says Dustin Rittgers posted a video on a personal Facebook page with no privacy settings of him taking a swig of alcohol while he's behind the wheel of a car.

"You've got a distracted driver and a drunk driver just exponentially causing danger wherever he went," Scott says.

A Facebook friend comments, 'Dude, Really!!!!!'

Rittgers responds, "I am a good driver, don't worry," and goes on to comment, "I've got one finger on the steering wheel Facebooking while it's raining. Smh, i am good. I am a pro."

Man's family defends his actions

The Sheriff says we need to remember that Rittgers is typing all of this while he's driving.

"He's got his hands full when he's trying to drive," Scott says. "He's drinking and he's paying attention to his phone. I mean we are I think very fortunate this didn't end with some type of tragedy."

The Sheriff says a tipster warned deputies Rittgers was drinking and driving.

Deputies tracked the suspect's car down and pulled him over near State Route 665 and Hibbs road.

Rittgers is facing criminal charges including operating a vehicle impaired charges and open container.

The Sheriff says Rittger's Facebook post is evidence that could help prove those charges.

"There's no privacy issues going on here," Scott says. "He posted. He confessed. He gave us the evidence."

But Rittger's family says people shouldn't be quick to judge, saying he recently suffered an unspeakable tragedy.

"He's really smart, he's just going through a lot," says Rittger's girlfriend, Amber Boothe. "It's too much for him to handle."

Rittgers has faced OVI charges twice before, in 2007 and 2011.