Experts provide ways to keep safe following arrest of suspect in violent crime spree

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Experts say you should keep safe, despite the arrest of the man accused in a crime spree. (KTRK)

Now is the perfect time to think about safety while this past week's violent crime spree in Houston is fresh on your mind.

Houston police said victims were targeted in their homes and businesses, and although the suspect, Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, is behind bars, Constable Alan Rosen says you shouldn't let your guard down.

"When you come out of a store, when you come out of your home, when you're driving home at night, be conscious of what's around you," said Constable Rosen.

Constable Rosen said cameras, lights, and security systems are ideal when it comes to your home, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to deter criminals.

"Keep your hedges below your windows," Constable Rosen said. "Don't have hedges that are growing up over windows. Criminals like to hide behind bushes, and they like dark places."

Two of this past week's victims were found dead on the job.

Constable Rosen said it's important to know not only your co-workers, but the people who work nearby.

"Have a code to where you all can text each other and say, 'Hey, I need you to step over to my business because I have someone here who's being a little suspicious, or is making me nervous,'" said Rosen.

If you are faced with danger, Rosen said it's best to comply.

The crime spree appears to be over, but don't just let it escape your memory. Make a plan and review it, so that way you are prepared.

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