Priest performs exorcism on child caught up in portal to Hell

Friday, October 31, 2014
Priest describes exorcism of child
The child's family lived in a home with what's been called a 'portal to Hell'

GARY, IN (KTRK) -- Whether you're a believer or not, religious experts say exorcisms are happening more and more.

Pope Francis often speaks about the devil in his morning homilies, and he did so again today ahead of the All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

"This generation, and many others, have been led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea, the idea of evil. But the devil exists and we must fight against him," the Pope told faithful gathered for Mass at St. Martha's guesthouse where he resides.

This year, the Vatican dedicated a group of 250 priests from around the world to perform the ancient rite of casting out demons. The Vatican's chief exorcist told a Vatican newspaper that he has cast out as many as 70,000 demons.

Catholics describe exorcism as the eternal battle between good and evil and a fight for souls on earth. To them, it is a spiritual war where demons possess the living, giving them dark powers.

"Demons are fallen angels, evil spirits," said Sister Madeline Grace. "The devil is using their physical powers in ways they never had before."

Exorcism is a topic that many Catholic priests will not talk about, but one in Gary, Indiana, spoke to Eyewitness News.

Priest Mike Maginot is at the center of one of the most documented cases of demon possession and exorcism in recent history.

In April 2012, Maginot got a frantic call about a 9-year-old boy. His two siblings and his mother were tormented by demon spirits coming from their basement.

"This was different. It all started when they moved into that house," Maginot said.

He says behind the stairs was a portal to Hell.

"Occasionally they would hear growling. They were waking up with bloody noses. All of a sudden one of the boys got thrown into the freezer," said Maginot.

Indiana's Department of Child Services eventually removed the kids from the home, but the problems followed.

"Usually the devil doesn't show off before professional people," Maginot said.

But he said this time the devil did. Indiana records from the Department of Child Services, state that during an observation in the presence of a doctor, a case worker, and a psychologist, one of the children walked up the wall and did a flip over his grandmother.

In another instance in the doctor's office, the boy was lifted and thrown into the wall, while records say nobody touched him.

The boy's mother, Latoya Ammons, faced her own demons, and Maginot and his parish bishop decided it was time for the exorcism of Ammons.

"I decided to test her with my crucifix," Maginot said. "Every time I put the crucifix on her she would convulse, but it would be a steady convulsion."

Police and other witnesses or therefore it all, sitting in the pews. Maginot said he recited praises of God followed by condemning the devil.

"She got more and more violent," said Maginot.

Maginot said he called the Demon out by name in the third exorcism ceremony performed in his church.

"Once you get the name you pretty much have it. It's like, caught. You have the spotlight on it, there's nowhere to run. It's trapped," said Maginot.

Finally, after hours and hours, a release.

"When it was gone from Latoya, it was gone from the kids," said Maginot.

Ammons eventually got her children back, and they never returned to that home. Father Maginot says still today there is a portal to Hell.

"There is a danger. Because I did have to in fact perform an exorcism on someone that went in there. It will become one of the most notorious sites in America."