Michael Phelps loses highly anticipated race with great white shark

Michael Phelps said he's always up for a challenge, so when he was given the opportunity to 'race' a great white shark, he took it.

"I don't like taking silver medals, but I'll take one to a great white," Phelps said after losing his highly anticipated race.

The race, which was part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, consisted of Phelps swimming beside a computer simulation of a shark.

Since sharks don't swim in a straight line, its time of 36.1 seconds was calculated by measuring sharks in different situations to determine its average speed. Phelps was given a fin and suit that mimicked shark skin to help even the playing field.

The 23-time Olympic Gold Medal winner lost by just two seconds.

While some viewers were impressed with Phelps' performance, others seemed disappointed that the two competitors were not technically swimming side-by-side.

As for Phelps, he's ready to try again, perhaps with a home field advantage.

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