Save money on electronic gifts by buying refurbished

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Save money on electronic gifts by buying refurbished
We found great deals on laptops, headphones, cell phones and even Apple AirPods and Fitbits!

If you get a gift card or cash for Christmas and you need some electronics, we've got a money saving idea for you.

Everyone loves to unwrap a new gift, but if you want to save money, look to the refurbished market.

You can find all sorts of products that have been refurbished and are now for sale.

Some of the products were never even used, but they were returned and now are being sold at a discount.

Phones are a big one, but they also have noise cancelling headsets, laptop computers and even AirPods.

On one site called, we found Apple AirPods Generation 2 with the charging case selling for $119. A new pair from the Apple Store costs $200.

Over at, a Fitbit Charge 3 can be had for $95, while a new version, the Fitbit Charge 4, is $140.

If you are unsure about buying refurbished, many of the items come with a guarantee.

"The warranties for refurbished products have gotten so strong and, in fact, are typically longer than the original warranty that the manufacturers will give," said Nathan Proctor of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

Both the AirPods and Fitbit we found have a one-year warranty.

It's important to look for that just in case something goes wrong.

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