Magnolia man airlifted to hospital after electronic cigarette explodes in face

MAGNOLIA, TX (KTRK) -- A 28-year-old Magnolia man is the latest victim in a series of accidents involving electronic cigarette explosions.

According to officials, the man was sitting with his family last month when the end of the e-cig blew off, striking him in the stomach before ricocheting against a wall.

Another piece of the cigarette hit him in the face, causing severe facial trauma, the loss of teeth and a broken jaw.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal

The latest explosion continues to bring concern among the federal government and lawmakers. The U.S. Fire Administration has urged an investigation into the lithium batteries used to power the e-cig's, according to a press release. The investigation cited reports of 25 incidents and nine injuries between 2009 and 2014.

Montgomery County officials said the victim purchased after-market batteries for the e-cig and had been using the device when it exploded.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal's office recommends the following safety recommendations when using an electronic cigarette:

* Always use the charging appliance that comes with the unit and follow the manufacturer's instructions
* Plugging an e-cigarette into a "standard" USB port to recharge may result in an explosion and/or fire
* When purchasing after-market or replacement batteries for your device, purchase them from a reliable source and make sure they are listed as compatible with your electronic cigarette device
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