Mother beats COVID-19 after battling flu at the same time

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Mother beats COVID-19 after battling flu at the same time
Her husband said she was starting to get multi-organ failure when her faith in God came in to help her survive.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A realtor and mother of four turned to her faith after she tested positive for COVID-19 in March.

Throughout her whole life, Eleana Topp practiced her faith.

"My faith has been very strong," said Eleana.

Her faith grew even stronger back in March.

She started feeling sick so she went to the doctor.

"What happened back in March when I was tested for the first time for COVID-19, it came out that I had the flu and COVID-19. I had both," said Topp.

Soon, the illness started taking over. She went to the hospital and weeks later, she said she was fighting for her life.

"They had the ventilator maxed out and all the parameters on the ventilator were showing that she wasn't improving. Matter of fact, she was going the opposite way, and then she was starting to get multi-organ failure," said Daniel Topp, Eleana's husband.

He said it got so bad the staff started to prepare their family for what could come, but he wasn't having it.

"In my mind, I said she's not going to die from this. She's going to survive and there's no doubt she was," said Daniel.

Their family came together and turned to their faith, just like Eleana always had done.

"A lot of praying, a lot of talking, family meetings every night where we shared prayers and thoughts," said Daniel.

Then things started to turn around. Daniel said after seven weeks Eleana was able to get off the ventilator. She no longer had the virus and was receiving rehabilitation to gain strength.

Last week, she returned home.

"I'm going to cry because I am the happiest woman in the world to be with my family, back in my community, with my church, my family, my friends," she said.

Her husband said it was a blessing.

"It was a miracle, you know, God did answer our prayers," said Daniel.

Eleana continues to receive outpatient rehabilitation. Her loved ones started a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

You can help by clicking here.

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